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Destination Weddings

What is a Destination Wedding?

A Destination Wedding is define as a wedding ceremony that takes place at least 50 to 100 miles away from the couples home.  Usually, the ceremony is held at a warm destination like on a Caribbean Island, or at a lakeside retreat, on top of a mountain, or perhaps in a wine vineyard, etc.   The choices are unless!

Five Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding!

Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples as they cost less than a traditional wedding, less stressful, offer a more intimate setting to share with family and friends as well as creating a unique fun atmosphere!  Here are five reasons on why chose a Destination Wedding:

1.  Less stressful!     
Many of the resorts offer complete wedding packages including:  the officiate, photographer, flower arrangements, music, food & beverage, etc.  You can choice from a pre-planned wedding package or a customized package depending on what you would like for your wedding day.  There’s no driving all over town to meet with various vendors and then selecting the one that you think will work out the best.  Many of the resorts have excellent relationships with their local vendors and have been doing weddings for number of years, with On-Site Wedding Coordinators that you will help you with your all your needs.   Depending on the resort, you can bring your own officiate or photographer or there may be a small fee.

2.  Costs less than a Traditional Wedding!
Average cost of a traditional wedding, about $27,000.00 or more depending on where you live.  Average cost for a Destination Wedding, between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 (figures from The Wedding Report and The Knot.) Many resorts offer complimentary wedding packages for up to 10 guests depending on room category the wedding couple chooses or how many guests will stay at the resort.  There are also some resorts offering  “Resort Credits” that can be applied to Wedding Packages (certain restrictions apply) to help bring the cost of the wedding package down or allow the wedding couple to upgrade their wedding package.

3.  More Intimate Setting!
Destination Weddings provide a more intimate setting.  Most Destination Weddings occur in a tropical setting, what’s more beautiful and romantic than getting married on a beach or under a gazebo during sunset?  The couple may decide to get married by themselves or they may invite just the family and friends that mean the MOST to them.  Having a more intimate setting usually means less family drama as well.  The last thing any wedding couple wants is family drama at their wedding, they don’t want Uncle Joe starting an argument with Uncle Larry on something that happened 20 years ago and they are still arguing about it!  Many wedding couples will throw a party when they get home for those who could not make the wedding.

4.  Spend Quality time with guests!
Traditional Weddings, the day flies by so fast, that most wedding couples don’t have a chance to talk to their guests or if they do it’s not for long.  Many wedding couples will have guests that will be flying in from a different state and/or country.  So, why not have a Destination Wedding!  It’s a mini-vacation for the guests and the wedding couple will be able to enjoy their guests company in a relaxed, fun, setting.   

5.  You are already at your Honeymoon Destination!
Your honeymoon begins right after you say “I Do” since you are already at your honeymoon destination.  Most wedding guests will stay at the resort for 3 or 4 nights, so you will be able have time to yourselves once the guests depart for home.


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